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Finding a pet supplement that ticks off all the right boxes is harder than teaching your dog to skateboard. Finn measures up by combining trusted research with modern nutrition to create a standout supplement in today's confusing market. With a variety of pet supplements, you can pick one based on your individual pet's needs. You can also go through a "virtual vet" quiz, allowing Finn to tailor a plan for your pooch based on questions about their age, breed, diet, and more.


The Goal

Help lower acquisition costs due to the rapid increase of CPA's across the board on common advertising channels. We wanted to profitably scale their brand on multiple SKU's through our mobile app/game advertising platform.

Objectives & Tactics

Leverage Finn’s celebrity and ambassador partnerships to create new video content for ads.

Gamify ad creatives to increase user engagement and CVR.

Develop a product bundle & upsell strategy that increases Average Order Value.


Our Results


CVR Increase


People Reached


Increase In Sales


Decrease In CPA


Increase In AOV


"The team at AppArc has been a game changer for our brand in that we were able to scale at a consistent CPA through their platform. They provided valuable insight for optimizing our product pages so that the engagement rate is higher for their mobile audience. The level of expertise and the ease of collaborating on new strategies was top notch."

Randall Stainton

Director of Growth, Finn

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