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Mobile Advertising That Works

AppArc’s performance pricing means you only pay for ads that deliver results. Max out ROAS without the stress and hassle of expensive, time-consuming trial-and-error methods. Learn more about in-app advertising and examples of the ad formats below.

The Lowdown of In-App Advertising

Without any statistics, one can know that everyone uses mobile apps extensively. Whether it’s a game, social media, online shopping, or any app for that matter, users spend an average of four hours on them. In-app advertising are the ads you see while playing a mobile game, surfing through social media, or doing anything on a mobile app. 

In-app advertising is an effective marketing technique because it allows brand’s to reach the target audience based on the app’s demographics. 

The best part about in-app advertising is that these ads are less distracting, non-disruptive, and best controlled and managed. These ads are placed to add to the user experience without ‘cutting’ into their engagement on the app or game.

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Interstitial Video
Rewarded Video
Banner Placement
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Interstitial ads are customizable video ads that run for a specific interval. It is a highly immersive full banner ad that yields good impressions and conversions. These often provide brands with a quick form ad unit to monetize users. These videos play in natural breaks during game play or app content and are typically skippable after five seconds. 


Unobtrusive Placement

The full-screen videos appear at natural transition points in an app or game, such as after a level.

Intuitive UI

The user interface includes a timer and an optional X-button to make ads skippable.

Preferred Experience

Users prefer ads that don’t interrupt their game play or app usage. Video ads are also the most popular ad unit around.


Rewarded video ads are one of the most popular types of in-app ads. When players watch a rewarded video ad, they receive a reward in exchange. That can be any kind of in-game benefit like extra lives, currency, points, etc. This gives players the incentive to watch the whole ad. If they find whatever is being marketed interesting, they can click through and make a purchase.

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Increased Engagement

After implementing rewarded video placements, brands regularly report longer session lengths. Rewards help users stay engaged longer.

More Purchases

After engaging with rewarded videos, more users are willing to make a purchase because they’ve had a no-risk opportunity to qualify its value.

High CTR

Rewarded video drives higher CTRs than non-rewarded formats. AppArc rewarded videos generate an average of 2.4% CTR in the US.

Image 5.png


Banner ads are rectangular ads that can be anchored to free space at the bottom or top of the screen, or embedded in title or end-of-level screens. Banner ads can show up as text, image, or video. They can help you maximize brand exposure while the user plays the game without interrupting the experience.


Unobtrusive Placement

They fit in well with casual and single screen games, as it’s typically easy to reserve a portion of the screen for advertising.

Maximizes Exposure

The user interface includes a timer and an optional X-button to make ads skippable.

Preferred Experience

Users prefer ads that don’t interrupt their gameplay or app usage. They fit in well with casual and single screen games.

Is In-App Advertising Right For You?


Do you want to improve ROAS and scale cost-efficiently?

Our CPA structure revolutionizes the growth model by helping brands tie ad spend directly to revenue. It’s more cost-effective and delivers higher conversion rates than paid social and search. In fact, two-thirds of mobile consumers on our network said they prefer an in-app ad experience over paid social ads.


Do you prioritize the customer experience?

Our team develops specific creative that not only enhances the gaming experience for the user but also facilitates positive interactions with your target audience. The goal is to deliver DTC ads in a way that does not interfere with game play and allow users to make a purchase on your store seamlessly.


Are you looking to reach new customers?

AppArc's network reaches more than 1.5 billion mobile consumers monthly. While most brands focus their entire growth strategy on search and social, you can beat the competition by targeting mobile consumers your competitors aren’t talking to.

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