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Mary Ruth Organics

Mary Ruth Organics is an inventive, people focused nutrition company committed to providing innovative products that make taking your daily supplements simple and delicious. Their products are formulated with quality ingredients you can pronounce and flavors your taste buds will enjoy! 


The Goal

Increase Mary Ruth Organic's (MRO) sales by developing a mixture of direct response marketing funnels and mobile ads intended to vastly improve full-funnel performance and conversions. Most of MRO's traffic derived from paid social and SEO efforts and we offered to help diversify their channels through our engaging mobile ad experience.

Objectives & Tactics

Create front-end ads to improve engagement and drive CTRs.

Develop customized marketing funnels that increase conversion rate by a minimum of 5%.

Increase the number of channels and markets MRO is sold.


Our Results


Revenue In 10 Weeks


CVR Increase


Sales In 8 Months


Decrease In CPA


Increase In AOV


"Working with the pros at AppArc has been fantastic, they feel like an extension of our team. The media buyers they have are top-notch. Even with our strict brand guidelines, they've been able to come up with angles that convert and creative that pops! The revenue and volume they have been able to deliver continue to make waves within our business."

Account Executive, Mary Ruth Organics

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